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About us :

On the grounds of economic co-operation between Iran and Romania an agreement was reached in 1966 to establish a tractor manufacturing company in the country. Within this framework Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company (ITMCO) was created in 1968. The company is located in the outskirts of the industrial city of Tabriz in north-west Iran. The initial objective of the company was to manufacture 10,000 units tractors of 45-65 horsepower engines with single and double differential gearboxes.

After eight years of production there was a re-evaluation of the local market requirements and consequently Massey Ferguson of the UK began assembling in 1976 with up-to-date technology and a higher total production capacity rate of 13,000 units per annum.In this scenario it had been decided that a significant number of parts used in assembly should be produced in Iran either by ITMCO itself or its associated organizations. Accordingly there was a requirement to constitute workshops that could satisfy the annual demand of 36,000 units of diesel engines, 35,000 tons foundry capacity of cast iron, and 32,000 tons annual output of forging parts.

Products :

Export products of Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company are as follows:

  1. ITM 240-2WD                47 HP         
  2. ITM 285-2WD                75 HP
  3. ITM 285-4WD                75 HP
  4. ITM 399-2WD                110 HP
  5. ITM 399-4WD                110 HP
  6. ITM 475-2WD                75 HP
  7. ITM 475-4WD                75 HP
  8. ITM 485-2WD                82 HP
  9. ITM 485-4WD                82 HP
  10. ITM 800-2WD                82 HP
  11. ITM 800-4WD                82 HP
  12. ITM 950-4WD            
  13. Different types of engine
  14. Tractor spare parts
  15. Transfer of technology

Export :

Due to the success of ITMCO products in the domestic market the company began its export activities in the year 1990 and continues to make rigorous endeavors in expanding its export base in the international arena.  In  line with the increasing demand for ITMCO tractors the production capacity increased to 30,000 units per annum and it is envisaged that it may further increase to 50,000 units per annum in the next 3-5 years.     

To date the company has accomplished export orders to the following countries:







Sri Lanka








Ivory Coast


Sierra  Leon















Awards :

ITMCO has been awarded the following certificates of quality, standards and letters of commendations:

  • Standard of quality management certifications (ISO 9001 & 2) from Swiss SGS Institute;

  • Certificate of research and development from the Ministry of Industry;

  • Acceptance of laboratory quality standard from Iran Institute of Standard and Industrial Research;

  • Certificate of distinction for first class exporting company in 1994;

  • Certificate award for quality manufacturing in 1998;

  • Award of the 11th American International Awards for quality;

  • Award of a test certificate from the Ministries of Agriculture in Kenya and Turkey.

Also, ITMCO has closely co-operated with the Sudanese company, M/S Giad to establish a highly successful assembly line for tractors that meets the requirements of the local market.

Furthermore, ITMCO  has successfully accomplished joint venture enterprises both in Venezuela and Tajikistan, where ITMCO is the major shareholder. It should be noted that ITMCO has exported 4000 units of its different kinds of tractors together with large quantities of their spare parts to Venezuela within past four years.

History :

Manufacturing of tractor was started since 1969 by assembling U651, U650 Romanian Tractor with 65hp.

 The First MF tractor was supplied to the market in four types: MF 135 with 45 hp- MF165 with 62 hp – Mf 185 with 72hp and MF295 with 92hp in 1975.

 MF 285 tractors replaces tractor MF 185 with the aim of complete manufacturing and using the potential capabilities of the company since 1977.

 In 1987 the situation of the company was analyzed and the forging, Motorsazan and casting company were separated from the main company.

In 1991 for continuation of determined policies and strategies, the required actions were taken to divide the industrial service company of ITMCO and Industrial Machinery of ITMCO.

Since 1992 ITMCO took the actions to produce heavy duty tractor MF 399 with 110 hp, 2WD and 4WD models besides manufacturing MF tractors in accomplishment of products variability and fulfilling the need of the market for tractors with higher hp.

 In 1995 the actions were taken to establish the self-running center for designing and manufacturing machine for designing and manufacturing agriculture conversion machinery in order to use the surplus capacities and create conversion industries for agricultural products.

 In 1997 the self-running center was established for manufacturing vans.

 In 2002 ITM 800 with 80 hp was designed and manufacturing in execution of the strategy of variability and development of products.

 In 2003 the second phase of  Kordestan Tractor Manufacturing Company with 3500 units tractor per year was started in execution of the strategy of market development.

In 2003  Urumia Tractor Manufacturing Company which manufactured Goldoni garden tractors was purchased by ITMCO  to produce low hp tractors in the company.

In 2004 in order to develop foreign markets, the first phase of assembly line with the capacity of 5000 tractors were operated in Venezuela with partnership of CVG.

In 2005 the van manufacturing center changed to an independent legal company and was registered as Azarbaijan Diesel Khodrosazan Company.

In 2005 for increasing of production capacity and importance of heavy duty Tractors in Mechanization of agricultural sector, developing of assembly line of MF 399 was started.   

In2006 Parts Supply & Engineering Company of ITMCO was registered.